Pre-Season Review 

Preseason Strengths and Weaknesses 

by McClintock

Good evening gentlemen and non-binary members of the league! The draft has been completed and all bidding is closed. It is now time for a preseason review of every team’s roster strengths and weaknesses. Whose team will be the best balance of the 2 to lead them to a championship and who will yet again shame themselves with an 8th place finish. Going in alphabetical order by team name:


America’s Dynasty - 

Strength: Running Back, pending Kamara not facing suspensions, America’s Dynasty has a stable of horses ready to not only run but catch the football. This team is ready to rack up PPR.

Weakness: Tight End, Freddy has potential at the tight end position, but his success will balance on the weekly guess as to which of his tight ends to start. This owner faces the constant choice of projected 7-8 point weeks of which one TE will actually produce 3 points and the other 10+. If he can continuously choose correctly this weakness will be overcome, but if he chooses incorrectly… doom. 


Bills Mafia

Strength: QB, let’s be honest Josh Allen is a solid FF QB. Dude has a cannon and will get you points. The last thing TT will ever have to worry about is less than 20 points out of his QB1.

Weakness: The Bills, if the Bills have a bad game overall TT has a bad week. Allen, Knox, Davis, Cook, and the Bills D; Granted some of these players are on the bench and will not all play together as starters, but that also takes up roster positions. Luckily for Bills Mafia the Bills are a highly ranked team who should have success this year. 


Bleed Blue -

Strength: Flex, looking at this roster White has solid potential every week to fill the slot at flex. He will have multiple players projected over 12 weekly to choose to take that flex role. 

Weakness: Defense, the Steelers and Ravens have historically had great defenses. However, that entire division is changing. 2 defenses in a division where they’ll both play Cincy and Cleveland twice as well as each other could produce low points returns. Inconsistent defensive production can sink ships! 


Blue Stampede -

Strength: QB, Hurts/Love/Richardson. Jalen Hurts is a stud. He is the main reason for this decision. Dude can ball. He has the potential to put up multiple 30+ points weeks regularly for Stampede’s offense. This can be a critical blow to the opposing teams. Love and Richardson are a toss up, BUT we all know if one of the two of them pop off they could have 40-50 point weeks with the added rushing points. 

Weakness: QB, … all that said, as much as this writer loves Jalen Hurts, the NFL is known for figuring these guys out fast. Teams, especially within their division, have had an entire offseason preparing to shut him down. Hurts could be a high risk for a slump here and if so there is a better chance than not that Love and Richardson are not “the guy”. This would leave Blue Stampede scrambling (much like his QBs) to add a QB late and missing out on major points and potentially incurring losses.


Dade County

Strength: Ownership, let’s be honest here best front office in the league. Class act all the way around. 

Weakness: Big Point Players, stupidly Dade County extended Kyler Murray over Chubb… on top of that Dade County appears to lack home run hitters. A roster full of consistency is great, but when your opponent has 1 player put up 60 your 3 20 point guys get equaled out. 


NNY Savages -

Strength: QB, if Tua can stay healthy and continue to play well NNY has a stable of QBs that can score massively every weak. QBs that are that much of a treat every week can demolish the hopes of getting a win for NNY’s opponents. Lamar Jackson seems to have cemented himself in the league to the point that he has consistently shown to be a great FF player.

Weakness: RB, NNY has some good RB options, but a lot is going to ride on Dalvin Cook’s free agency. If Cook lands at a good team this could be a great thing, but if not it could spell disaster for the NNY RB room leading to a massive pothole of missing weekly points.



Strength: QB, Mahomes is hands down the best QB in the FF league. Consistency and home run capability the guy is a monster. As long as he stays healthy Reapers will have nothing to fear at the top slot. 

Weakness: RB, woof. Reapers RB room looks like an AIDS quilt, just a bunch of mismatched squares thrown together from different parts of the league. Can this quilt come together to present a beautiful Bob Ross landscape? Is Boyer secretly Magic Johnson holding the keys to the greatest sleeper of a RB room we’ve ever seen?! Only time will tell! 


Wide Right -

Strength: WR, St. Brown, Adams, Ridley, Smith-Njigba, and Michael Thomas all have the potential to put up massive numbers all season. Mike could potentially be staring down having to bench a WR that by all means would be a starting 3 WR on any other team. This is not set in stone, but the potential is there.

Weakness: Depth, looking at this roster there are some big time players. However, after those big time guys Wide Right is looking at calling up players from the Watertown Red and Blacks. There are too many players looking at weekly projections under 7 points for me to be comfortable there. A few injuries or poorly planned out bye weeks and it could be disastrous for Wide Right’s season

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