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The Dynasty League. Tough. Foul Mouthed. Offensive. Ridiculous amounts of texts to read if you fall asleep. This league is made up of 8 teams, each fighting for their chance at Glory.. 

Americas Team

Americas Team, winner of the Boyer Award for 2 consecutive years. Run by the cheapest of Democratic bush owners, who has a hard time spending 1 dollar on superstar free agents. This year entering free agency with 200+ million to spend. Will he pull the trigger and lock down players who can put up more than 6 points per game? We all doubt it. Its going to be fun to watch, and it will be exciting to see him get outbid by Bleed Blue!

Bills Mafia

Bills Mafia,  a team of... Bills players. Never much of a threat. Never finishing last. A team owner loved by all and feared by none. Will this be the start of locking down free agents outside of the Orchard Park Community? We all highly doubt it. But I believe this is the year that Bills Mafia makes a push for the playoffs with a couple top teams about to struggle. High flying jumps will catapult this team to victory. Or they might just pick up all Bills free agents(or Hines from Blue Stampede) and suck.

Bleed Blue

Bleed Blue, the next possible constant contender. Early issues from previous team ownership are about to be fully overcome.(What a Mitch) Outbidding everyone on free agents. Oversleeping for team meetings. Testosterone pumping... Bleed Blue has been getting better each year. Look out 2023, you are about to be outbid, outdone and beat up on by a muscle hamster.

Blue Stampede

Blue Stampede, the Crown Jewel of The Dynasty League. 3 Championships in 5 seasons. With 4 total appearances. Yes, they may be cocky and annoying. Yes, the team owner is the commissioner of the league who also cheats when no one is looking. But damn does he have a nice head of hair:) With 90% of its returning roster, do they look to build on their early success? Or will 2023 be just like the 2021 season, full of injuries and complaining.

Dade County Dinos

Dade Country Dinos, like NNY Savages, close to constant glory after an early championship win in 2020. Always a playoff contender. Could there be struggles coming in the future? Once full of superstars on the roster. Now those stars are leaving for free agency. Will the Dinos ever find a way back to being a strong contender? Or will this team find its way to the bottom of the league with Americas Team and the Reapers. Maybe having a hot wife is a distraction for the owner now? 2023 will be a tough test.

NNY Savages

NNY Savages, like Dade County, no other teams have been so close to tasting consistent glory. Always a playoff contender. Always splitting head2head match ups with the best. Whats holding them back? Lamar Jackson injuries? Aging RB Henry? Or just the fact that they always face Blue Stampede in the playoffs? Will 2023 be just another year that could have been?


Reapers, the league has not been good to them. Each year it seems as if the Reapers are fighting just to stay out of last place. Finishing last place 3 years in a row. Creating the Boyer Award! Hoping Americas Team continues to lose so they can rename the trophy. Injuries, Dirtbag Rule, or just bad free agencies, is this the year they finally put it all together? Glimmers of dominance 2 seasons ago. The owner has shown he knows how to manage. But can he avoid stepping on the landmine of bad luck?

Wide Right

Wide Right, constantly in the middle of the pack. With a powerhouse of a season leading to a Championship in 2021. Are they primed to contend in the top half of the league? Perhaps... or maybe since the team owner decided to pick up and move locations in the middle of the night. They will fall into the mucky waters and spend their time missing the commissioner and fighting to stay away from the Boyer Award. Fan base has been rattled. Sadness across the CBP community. We shall see.

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